Karen Frankenfeld



Karen Frankenfeld graduated with a Music Education degree from Park College.  She is certified K-14 for vocal and band music.  She received her Master’s from Emporia State University in Guidance and Counseling plus graduate study in music.  She taught high school music for 38 years, directed church choirs for 20 years and is currently directing at the Highlands Christian Church.  She directed community choruses for 15 years.  

She married Bob Frankenfeld in 1962.  They have two children, four grandchildren and eight exchange students she claims as her own.  Bob passed away in 2010.

She started a Sweet Adeline Chapter in Iowa in 1980.  When she retired and ended up in Bella Vista in 1999, she started Perfect Harmony and continues to guide and direct the group.  

Karen Frankenfeld, the group’s director is an inspiration to many members.  She is the guiding light for Perfect Harmony.

She blends the musical skills needed with energy and demonstrates a passionate dedication to make music for the good of all involved.  Her spirited leadership blends with the necessary patience to bring the best from her singers.  She truly embodies the spirit of harmony even when the chorus struggles to make perfect harmony.  Karen says, “The women are delightful, fun-loving, caring and they sing because they love it.”